Slack to Oracle E-Business Application Integration by DataTerrain

DataTerrain a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, announced the launch of its “Slack connector” for customers who are looking to integrate their Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) workflows with Slack.

DataTerrain’s Slack connector works seamlessly with the latest Oracle EBS 12.x and provides bi-directional integration between Slack messaging system and EBS. Notifications in Slack are delivered in real time and accessible on any device, so customers can stay on top of the EBS requests and take swift action without leaving Slack.

There is a significant increase in adoption of mobile and instant messaging systems as an engagement channel for consumers and employees within the enterprise and Slack is emerging as a dominant engagement channel.

DataTerrain’s Slack connector enhance the way organisations use EBS workflows leading to significant reduction in time to take action and enhance overall productivity.

Customers can take advantage of DataTerrain’s “Slack connector” and send Oracle EBS notifications in real time, so that employees are instantly aware of the new notifications and take appropriate action.

Please contact for a demo to have direct real-time experience.