Oracle HCM Reporting TECK Support

Oracle HCM Reporting TECK Support

Pre-built reports

Any serious software application is complex because it caters to the various needs of customers worldwide. Navigating its complexities and adapting it efficiently to specific customers can be a time-consuming process.

DataTerrain can make it simple and efficient

Our prebuilt reports provide a JUMP start. Our reports and dashboards are adapted and used in real world by companies that run payroll for 50000 employees plus. The same reports can be used for much smaller tasks and requirements as well. The report templates are already available and used by leading companies. Our reports and dashboards templates demo for Oracle HCM can reveal the amazing qualities of our reports and how it can be tailor fit for your specific needs. We can help identify new possibilities from your existing HCM data and enhance your decision-making process.

We have proven pre-built reports in the following areas in Oracle HCM

You can choose any or all the reports that are relevant to your company. We can support customization and continually enhance reports to follow your business needs at the speed of your choice.


Our DataTerrain team delivers technology and support on time every time. We work around the clock and facilitate timely access to data. We present it via actionable and easy to understand reports and dashboards. We believe in clarity by using simple data science. The simplicity and clarity will surely bring meaningful changes and actions.


Our expertise in this specialized area delivers the best results. We help perform efficient analytics of data and display it in user-friendly dashboards. We deliver success by deriving from existing systems to analyze and provide new solutions. The analysis of existing data helps reveal avenues to improvise.


There are NO long term contracts required and we can be utilized for a specific project to a broader spectrum of support. We use unique automation technology in upgrading reports and dashboards. We have delivered success to lot of customers.

Knowledge Transfer

We believe in enhancing technical and process knowledge for the client. We are a part of your team. We want to make sure our clients are given all the details so that if in the future they would like to transition this process to an internal operation, they have all the necessary knowledge and documents.