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Automation tools for BI reports restructuring and consolidation.

Business analytics and reporting over the years in an organization can accumulate and grow without a clear direction. Restructuring and consolidation aim to optimize operations, improve efficiency, or respond to shifting business needs. Our Unique automation software encompasses a range of actions, eliminating redundancies and combining multiple into a single dashboard, rationalizing the entire ecosystem, and optimizing the usage of reports and dashboards to reduce costs or improve asset utilization. Our software tool also helps integrate different data sources, technology systems, or platforms to enhance efficiency, data sharing, and overall technology infrastructure.

Our well-tested and proven software tools primarily help in Identifying and eliminating bottlenecks or inefficiencies in reporting processes to enhance productivity, reduce system resource consumption, and align with business users' current needs and strategic goals.

We started a journey focused on pioneering solutions and innovative tools.

Unique tools are often developed to address specific needs that cannot be met adequately by existing, off-the-shelf solutions. We create unique tools to drive innovation within the business Intelligence reporting and analytics industry. Customer use cases entirely drive our efforts in this. We have faced challenges with multiple customers and started solving them with our experience and innovation.

About Dataterrain BI Tools

Custom tools provide usability tailored to the preferences and requirements of the business users, leading to higher precision and quality.

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Advantages of Dataterrain's software tools

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Other's Tools
  • Limited customization and nonalignment

    Customizing for your requirements can be limited, leading to workarounds.

  • Hidden Costs and expensive support costs

    Licensing fees, support fees, customization costs, and many more.

  • Limited support or Lack of support

    You may rely on forums or community support to resolve your issues.

DataTerrain' Software Tools
  • It is tailored to meet customer needs

    We optimize our solutions and tools for specific customers.

  • Dedicated support and maintenance

    Support teams are available to address user inquiries and provide guidance.

  • Cutting-edge technologies and innovative features

    Emerging technologies that transform or significantly improve existing processes.

Customer testimonials
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We have used the Rationalization tool, an excellent time-saver to audit existing reporting infrastructure. We benefited from saving time and cost. We are pleased to engage DataTerrain in our efforts.

Senior Executive,
Global software company

Our reporting infrastructure was complex & mixed with legacy reporting platforms. We used DataTerrain tools & services to remove the clutter & benefitted greatly from their unique rationalization tool and services.

Senior Executive,
Globally leading University

Our focus was on upgrading the legacy products to more user-friendlier product in Business Intelligence. The DataTerrain team and the approach with innovative tools greatly influenced our project.

Senior Executive,
Global manufacturing company