DataTerrain’s BI DesignerPlus Simplifies Oracle BI Publisher Reports

DataTerrain, a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, announced the launch of its “BI DesignerPlus” for customers who are looking to create complex BI Publisher reports. With “BI DesignerPlus”, the creation of OBIEE BI Publisher reports would be much simpler and easier with many of the complex functionalities available out of the box.

DataTerrain’s BI DesignerPlus is a next-generation plugin which works along with Oracle BI Publisher and includes many features which are enhancements for BI Publisher reports development.

BI DesignerPlus is in a class of its own and incorporates many advanced features such as:

CUME function support which returns a cumulative running total

Creation of pivot of more than 5×5 rows and columns

Formula editor – insert formulas with more than 500 different combinations including extended XDOFX (SQL) functions, XDOXSLT (XSL) functions, and aggregate functions.

Field Input Explorer – insert the fields to the RTF layout that are loaded from the XML data.

PDF bookmark – creates the table of contents based on the hierarchy

BI DesignerPlus has a new GUI for easier Chart creation and several other feature enhancements and gives the smart report creation advantage. DataTerrain is committed to BI Publisher reports users by delivering state-of-the-art solutions to increase business productivity while reducing costs.

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