Jaspersoft built-in fonts and font extensions

05 October 2023

Jaspersoft built-in or system Fonts can be viewed in the Report viewer provided the fonts are supported by the Operating system. The best way to use a font in JasperReports Library is to use a font extension.

Configuring Jaspersoft Fonts

Insights into Jaspersoft fonts, focusing on configuration options and font extensions for optimal display. It outlines font categorization and their recognition by Java library. Additionally, it highlights default font settings and the role of font extensions in ensuring consistent behavior. The introduction also introduces DataTerrain as a seasoned service provider, showcasing their extensive experience and client base, along with their flexible and contract-free approach.

Jaspersoft fonts, configuration, attributes, categorization, Java recognition, default settings, font extensions, DataTerrain expertise, global clientele, flexible service.

Jaspersoft fonts can be configured in Studio and Server and displayed in the PDF view. Fonts can be referred from an URL and from the file system using the Preferences dialog window from the Jaspersoft Studio.

The fonts .ttf files (True Type Font) can be downloaded and can be configured using the font mapping option available in the Jaspersoft studio. There are different types of font attribute such as font name, size, isBold, italic and so on.

JasperReports fonts can be categorized as logical fonts, physical fonts and font extensions. The logical fonts recognized by Java library are Serif, SansSerif, Monospaced, Dialog, and DialogInput.

The default font type offered by Jaspersoft is SansSerif with font size, 10. And the default pdf font is Helvetica. The default font name and size can be changes in report level and server level.

Font extensions force JasperReports to work with external TTF, SVG, WOFF, or EOT fonts. This ensures that a specific font behaves in the same way wherever the report is executed.

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