DataTerrain Announces Report Conversion Solution for SAP Crystal Reports to Jasper

Report Conversion Solution for SAP Crystal Reports to Jaspersoft

DataTerrain a leader in Business Intelligence migration solutions, announced the launch of a reports conversion solution for customers who are migrating from SAP Crystal reports to Jasper platform.

DataTerrain’s automation tool, which forms the core of the conversion solution enables customers with SAP Crystal reports to migrate accurately to Jasper Platform. The converted reports work seamlessly with Jasper domain.

The report analysis component of automation tool examines all the elements, identifies the missing elements and provides a detailed log that can be used for pinpointed analysis to narrow down to report migration issues. DataTerrain’s experts can help recommend solutions for the compatibility issues and resolve.

The conversion solution also includes conversion of native functions and complex formula logics embedded in Crystal reports and provide an equivalent solution to achieve the same in Jasper.

Customers can take advantage of DataTerrain’s reports conversion solution to preserve years of efforts in designing the report sections/layouts and migrating to Jasper reports. DataTerrain’s technical team provides experience and expertise to build the Crystal reports to Jasper Platform.

Request Your Free Demo and Proof of Concept

Interested to know further? For a limited time, DataTerrain offers to analyze a set of your reports, metadata and demo a proof of concept using their framework and automation tool at no cost! Please contact for a free proof of concept to have direct real-time experience.