DataTerrain Automation is Your Premiere Source For Automated Report Conversion

How DataTerrain Automation Makes Automated Report Conversion Easy

Automated report conversion is one of the greatest innovations that have helped in the management of data. A team of our dedicated engineers worked to develop DataTerrain Automation which is a highly effective BI tool conversion system. Through it, we are able to transfer and convert reports from the primary source as per the instructions from our customers. This process is necessary when one needs to upgrade to new technology for the digital age.

How DataTerrain Automation works

Through a well-planned process, we successfully convert data. This automated report conversion can convert from any reporting source to the intended destination. For example, it can convert from WEBI to BI publisher, Cognos to OBIEE, Actuate to OBIEE, crystal to OBIEE and WEBI to OBIEE. Thus reports are usable in the new BI reporting system.

DataTerrain Automation allows customers to make necessary changes to the reports that are being converted. They can sieve out data that you may consider obsolete or standardize the data such that it is more beneficial to your business.

This BI Intelligence conversion is able to come up with intelligent log files that allow the reports to be analyzed in the future if such a need arises. When the process of automated report conversion is finished, our team applies a variety of tests which are meant to check for any errors. This is an important step in organizing a clean report for our clients and your customers.

The reports that need to be converted usually take varied forms. There are those that are simple while others are complex. DataTerrain Automation is suited to do report conversion of any kind of report.

Benefits of Using DataTerrain Automation

If you are looking forward to seeing the benefits of BI tool conversion, you should choose our company. The DataTerrain automation uses high-end technology which is fast and effective. Given that it is fast, we are able to complete projects within the agreed time.

Secondly, by choosing this automated report conversion, it will save you money. The technology that is used is cheaper compared to using the manual conversion which requires more input and is riskier than automation.

This tool can be used for a variety of businesses and organizations. Customers who have used this previously were ecstatic with how the system worked and the services that were provided.

DataTerrain Solves Your Business Intelligence Needs

DataTerrain Automation will accurately handle all report conversion for your business. In addition to minimizing costs, you will be able to have the process done within a short period of time. Contact us today through our website to get in touch with one of our tech experts that can help you find the right solutions for any of your BI needs.