Steps to convert BI Analytics from PeopleSoft Crystal Reports to Oracle BI Publisher Reports

Since PeopleSoft Crystal Reports is now nearing end-of-life, users need to convert to advanced reporting platforms. Oracle BI Publisher is a reporting solution which facilitates creation, customization, and delivery of reports much more quickly than traditional reporting tools.

These are the high level steps to migrate Crystal Reports to Oracle PeopleSoft BI Publisher:

1. Analyze all the crystal reports and categorize them by Data, Complexity, Report size and usage

2. Group for similar Queries/Table, Layout, Prompts, Filter Conditions to rationalize and reduce the number of reports

3. Prioritize the reports for conversion

4. Modify the PS Query as per the filter conditions and joins for similar report and create a new query.

5. Get the latest PS Query xml from PeopleSoft environment and build the RTF template.

6. Create the RTF template based on the Crystal Report i.e., Structure, Suppress conditions, Conditional Styles, Formatting for Numeric Values, Alignments of data.

7. Validate report with multiple test case scenarios for the uploaded PS Query XML.

8. Upload the report into PeopleSoft Application with the new PS Query to BI template for business validation.

At DataTerrain we use our Automation Tool to automate many of the above steps which helps in faster, consistent and seamless conversion from Crystal to BI Publisher platform.