Simplifying Your BI Reporting: Converting Legacy BI Reports with Data Terrain’s Automation Tools and Expertise


Legacy BI reports and dashboards contain valuable information, but their outdated formats and interfaces make them less user-friendly. In this article, we will discuss how you can convert legacy BI reports into modern dashboards using automation tools.

Understanding Analytics and Business Intelligence

Data Analytics is the process of collecting, storing, and analyzing data to make informed decisions and predict future trends.

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to using data analytics to improve processes and make better business decisions.

Challenges of Legacy BI Reports and Dashboards

Legacy BI reports and dashboards are often created using outdated tools that are difficult to maintain.

Switching to modern BI software can be challenging because it requires time and money for training employees.

Using Automation Tools to Convert Legacy Reports to Modern Dashboards:

Identify legacy reports and dashboards and remove duplicates.

Use automation tools to convert legacy reports and dashboards to modern formats.

Improve data accuracy by adding new fields or updating existing ones.

Ensure all data sources are available in the new automated reporting solution.

Re-writing Reports from Scratch using Modern Programming Languages:

Re-write legacy reports using modern programming languages like Python or R.

Use modern ETL tools like Informatica or Glue to migrate data from old sources to new analytics platforms.

Overview of Modern BI Tools

Jaspersoft is a leader in BI reporting and data analytics software, offering users real-time insights into business performance.

The community edition of Jaspersoft is free to download and has many features like dashboards, charts, KPIs, and reports.

Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) is an enterprise-level BI reporting and data analytics tool that provides self-service capabilities for users.

OBIEE allows users to visualize findings and create dashboards that help communicate insights to others.

Analytical Data Modeler in OBIEE helps build complex analytical models that can help predict future events based on past trends using statistical algorithms.


Legacy BI reports and dashboards can be converted to modern analytics using automation tools. Modern

BI tools like Jaspersoft and OBIEE provide self-service capabilities and real-time insights to help businesses make better decisions. By converting legacy reports to modern dashboards, companies can improve their data accuracy, speed, and efficiency.