Amazon QuickSight

Visualize And Understand Your Data

Data-driven companies who effectively derive critical insights from their data and use them to guide their business decisions are 23 times more likely to acquire customers and 19 times more likely to remain profitable than those that don’t. While the benefits of converting to a data-driven business model and adopting a business intelligence (BI) solution are apparent, it can also be daunting to consider all the complexities and high costs of implementing a BI tool on your own.

That’s where you will find value and peace of mind in working with an AWS Premier Consulting Partner like DataTerrain to implement a cloud-based, cost-effective, and robust BI tool like Amazon QuickSight for your business. As an Amazon QuickSight Delivery Partner, Mission can help you use Amazon QuickSight to:

  • Rapidly process and analyze data to uncover actionable insights
  • Render and publish engaging visualizations
  • Securely collaborate, build, and distribute interactive dashboards
  • Embed dashboards into applications, websites, and portals
  • Bring robust self-service analytics to your customers
  • Set up federated authentication/SSO and AD integration

Amazon QuickSight allows everyone in your organization to understand your data by asking questions in natural language, exploring through interactive dashboards, or automatically looking for patterns and outliers powered by machine learning.

Explore, Analyse and Collaborate

Connect to data sources, edit datasets, create visual analyses, and invite others at your work to collaborate with you on building and publishing dashboards and reports.

Scalability and

Amazon QuickSight’s pay-per-session pricing model and serverless architecture mean you always have a flexible and cost-effective option to scale at a moment’s notice.

Insights with Machine Learning

Use ML to summarize key metrics or make prediction-based outcomes like anomaly detection and forecasting without a data science background or experience.

Latest News
Amazon migrates financial reporting to Amazon QuickSight

This phase systematically extracts data from various sources, both internal and external applications, spreadsheets, flat files, and databases, to create a consolidated dataset for further processing and analysis.

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