Properties of Jaspersoft Sub-Report Element

Subreport element is similar to a place holder defining the position of the top-left corner to which the subreport is aligned.

The following properties are available in the Properties to view in the Subreport tab.

Run To Bottom: When true, the sub-report element will consume the entire vertical space available on the report page.

Expression: Expression that can be used to load the Jasper object to use when filling the sub-report portion of the document. Evaluated at run time to retrieve the Jasper object for the sub-report.

Using Cache: Specifies whether the sub-report’s report object is kept in memory or reloaded each time it’s used. It is common for a sub-report element to be printed more than once.

Connection Expression/Data source Expression: At the run time, returns a JDBC connection or a JRDataSource used to fill in the sub-report. Only one of these expression types can be used. If there is no connection or data source expression, no data is passed to the sub-report.

Parameters Map Expression: The expression must contain a set of coupled names/objects that are passed to the sub-report to set a value for its parameters.

Edit Return Values: It allows the user to define how to store values in local variables calculated or processed in the sub-report.

Edit Parameters: It allows the user to define name/expression pairs used to dynamically set a value for the sub-report parameters.

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