Prebuilt HCM Report to view all Transfer details

One of the most important processes in an Organization is Employee Transfer.

These transfers usually occur under different organizational requirements such as:

The requirement of additional resources in a department

Need for resources with a particular skill set

Releasing unutilized resources across departments etc.

Every Management should constantly monitor the resources available and how they are utilized in each department in order to effectively maintain the recruitment process and the existing resources in an Organization.

Report Description: DataTerrain’s Prebuilt report lists the changes or transfers of an employee for a particular effective date. The transfers in Job Location, Position, Manager, Company and Job codes will be captured in the output.

This prebuilt report can be run for the below parameter

Effective Date

This report can also be modified to run for a date range so that Users can view the transfers that occurred in a particular date range.

This report is built as a BIP report and hence it can be run from the BI Publisher Catalog.

Output: The output data will have both a new Job/Location/Position/Company details along with the previous Job/Location/Position/Company details. The output format of this report is Excel and it can also be rendered as PDF/CSV.

Schedule: HR Team can also schedule the report to get it delivered weekly/bi-weekly and use it for a regular audit on the workforce in their organization.

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