Overview of HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader

Oracle HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (HDL) is useful for loading data to HCM stage tables using an Excel Spreadsheet. Predefined spreadsheets are available for most of the objects and Users can define their own spreadsheets for any object as per requirement.

HDL also offers similar features of data loading whereas Spreadsheet Data Loaders have their own advantages:

1. Spreadsheet Data Loader templates are easy to use.

2. Based on business requirement, spreadsheets can be tailor-made.

3. Errors are reported in the spreadsheet template itself where we can fix and review them.

4. In scenarios such as loading element entry for an element, spreadsheet is a better option.

5. Loading data can be done through spreadsheets and can be maintained using .dat files.

The process of uploading data using HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader consists of Import and Load stages. During the import process, the data gets uploaded to the HCM Data Loader Stage Tables and during the load process, the imported data is finally loaded to the Oracle HCM Cloud Application Tables.

Spreadsheet Data Loader feature has below prerequisites:

6. HCM Integration Specialist role is mandatory for using the spreadsheet feature.

7. Under Setup and Maintenance, the HCM Data Loader Scope value should be set to Full in the Configure HCM Data Loader page.

8. Installation of Desktop integration plugin for Excel which is needed for editing the spreadsheet templates and reviewing the errors.

Under Data Exchange, HCM offers options to create a spreadsheet template, download it and the Desktop integration plugin enables the users to edit and upload the Data to the HCM tables.

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