Oracle Analytics Cloud – An insight to Augmented Analytics

There is an unprecedented demand for data availability and data Analytics in the new global digital-led business models.

From a traditional approach of analyzing only historic data, organizations are looking to combine all available past and real-time data to drive board-room growth mandates. For example,

Marketing aims to analyze customer data to improve customer acquisition and retention,

Sales looks for inputs to take a hyper-personalized approach to progress customers through the sales cycle,

Finance seeks to find ways to reduce costs

Human Resources(HR) seeks insights into employee engagement, plan hiring, and more

Oracle Analytics Cloud(OAC) provides a unified and complete platform that empowers enterprise stakeholders across levels to seek answers from any data across any environment, and on any device. It fits seamlessly into diverse organizational ecosystems accessing data from a variety of on-prem and cloud sources and providing powerful, simple, and advanced augmented analytics capabilities. OAC handles the trade-off between governed, centralized analytics and self-service by providing a single solution that combines machine learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI). This allows enterprises to comfortably combine augmented analytics, self-service analytics, and governed analytics to capitalize on the collective intelligence of the organization. Analytic agility is at the core philosophy of OAC and it offers fast fluid self-service discovery, data loading, and blending ranging from simple to highly sophisticated. Powerful inline data prep, data enrichment, easy and extensible advanced analytics, automated visualizations, data storytelling, instant mobile with full authoring, and more.

OAC is named a Visionary by Gartner™ in its 2022 Magic Quadrant. Further, Gartner™ notes the following as strengths of OAC –

1.) Enterprise Data & Analytics – Data centers in 30 cloud regions including US and UK Governments and US DOD(Department of Defence) offering an end-to-end cloud solution including infrastructure, data management, analytics, and analytic applications. Fusion Analytics Warehouse(FAW) for Oracle ERP, HCM(Human Capital Management), Supply Chain, and Netsuite products offers native integration and closed-loop actions. OAC also maintains an open architecture approach for accommodating the multi-cloud needs of customers.

2.) Augmented capabilities – Enhanced augmented analytics capabilities with integrated graph analytics capabilities such as subgraphs, shortest path, and page rank as well as the explainability of ML models generated. OAC is the only platform on the market to support NLQ(Natural Language Query) in 28 languages.

3.) Consumer-focused product vision – Focused development of capabilities that augment both the analyst and the consumer personas with conversational user experiences and automated data storytelling generating audio podcasts contextualized to users

Data Terrain is an expert in OAC implementation

Data Terrain Subject Matter Experts(SMEs) have helped organizations like a leading US-based supplier of poultry, pet, and animal nutrition products transform by leveraging core features of OAC like –

Self-service for users to create and share visualizations

In-built Data preparation and enrichment support on the cloud platform

Industry-leading business scenario modeling engine for self-service, multidimensional and visual analyses. Descriptive, proactive, and predictive analytics. Search and voice-driven analytics. User-defined what-if analysis

Contextual insights delivered at the right time and location on the go by a proactive mobile that learns the daily routine of individual users.

A consolidated view of data across the organization from a single source of truth in familiar business terms offered by a semantic layer that maps complex data with Enterprise reporting, governance, and security

OAC Customer success stories

According to Oracle, some major customer success stories from OAC rollouts include organizations like –

An American multinational conglomerate focused on transportation, e-commerce, and business services

The fifth-largest construction company in the world with its headquarters in Sweden

The second-largest ride-sharing company in the world

A British multinational telecommunications company offering Telecom and IT services in 150 countries.

A British-American multinational financial services company offering a range of risk mitigation products and boutique strategy consulting