Optimize Your Workforce with the Power of Oracle HCM

Oracle HCM Reports Can Optimize Your Workflow

Until a few decades ago, organizational culture and employee management were neglected “HR matters.” Today, HR managers have become strategic partners who play a key role in the organization’s success. Modern HR leaders are handling a diverse workforce, creating a conducive work environment, developing talent and retaining capable employees. As the employees are an organization’s greatest asset, HR leaders and managers have to use HCM workforce management tools if they are to be successful.

How does Oracle HCM Cloud optimize your workforce?

1. It is standard but easily customizable – most organizations want a product which they can tailor to their requirements. At the same time, they do not want to reinvent the wheel. Oracle HCM strikes a perfect balance between being a standard HCM tool and customization. You can also work with DataTerrain to set the system up exactly as needed.

2. Career management – recruiting, managing, and retaining the best talent requires the right technology. Oracle HCM is driven by AI-based employee recruitment features, risk capabilities, and health and safety governing features. With such, it is safe to say Oracle HCM drives talent management by combining major HR functions, including performance and talent management. HR leaders also have access to tools that manage work-related competition.

3. Predictive analytics and performance assessment – through tools such as BI support, Oracle HCM enables you to forecast future talent needs as well as project outcomes through smart algorithms. Through such tools, you can correlate learning activities with employees’ performance. This helps you know how you can upskill your employees to fill certain talent gaps. You can assess employees’ performance through Oracle HCM fusion reports. It reduces HCM-related costs – Oracle HCM Cloud has inbuilt digital assistants such as call digital assistants and chatbots, supporting HR leaders’ digital goals. Also, employees can do such things as submitting leave requests, answering queries from their HR leaders, and availing information as and when it’s needed.

4. Mobile-first solutions – this tool on Oracle HCM gives employees a seamless mobile-first experience, enabling you to tailor the recruitment experience to the specific candidate’s region and role.

5. Native built-in modules – from workforce initiatives to HR modules and complex workflows, Oracle HCM Cloud, features hire-to-retire modules, which puts the employees in control of their career development path. Through an interactive platform, employees can: get answers to the HR questions they might have, advance their career through the content provided on the platform, and learn about mentorship opportunities

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Without third-party interfaces, there are minimal chances of functionality gaps, which makes Oracle HCM a rather cost-effective solution. Finally, investing in Oracle HCM is one way of redesigning employee management processes for better employee management, leadership development, and culture. Learn more about how DataTerrain reporting can help your company grow by contacting us here.