Limited time FREE offer from Dataterrain – OBIEE RPD MERGE TOOL

Limited time FREE offer from Dataterrain – OBIEE RPD MERGE TOOL

DataTerrain’s RPD Merge Tool saves the hassles of managing multiple RPDs.The tool has an easy user interface with tree structure and search capabilities to help merge the right RPD source components to the right target for efficient merge and saves considerable time.

DataTerrain’s RPD Merge tool has several additional features like RPD Diff, Patch, Schedule and Export which enhances the way you manage RPDs.

While you can discover the differences between two RPD files (source and target) using our RPD Diff feature (with helpful color highlighting), the Patch feature helps you patch exactly, and only, what is relevant and required. This is easily done by selecting the objects from the source you want to patch, and moving them to the target RPD. The Patch RPD tab displays the RPD’s tree structure and provides a clear view of what you are moving from source to target

DataTerrain’s RPD Merge tool offers the following benefits:

Easily merge multiple RPD files in a single-run to produce a complete, merged output RPD, without missing any of the input files in the process.

Accurately merge the RPD file ensuring that the result is in sync with the original input RPD files.

DataTerrain’s RPD Merge Tool’s convenient Schedule option, lets you run your merge automatically, at any time of day that minimizes workplace disruption. You can even schedule the merge daily, after business hours, if you’d like.

The Export option can save the differences as a text, PDF, or an Image file so that the differences can be viewed graphically or shared. There is also an option to export the differences as an XML file.

The time taken for merging multiple RPD files using DataTerrain’s RPD Merge tool is much less compared to other merge tools, as the merging happens simultaneously instead of sequentially.

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