Jaspersoft Built-in System Parameters

Report parameters are used in many different ways inside a report. They can be used in the where condition of an SQL query, or to provide additional data to the report. Parameters are the best communication channel between the report engine and the execution environment. Jaspersoft Reports provides some built-in parameters that the user may read but cannot modify or delete.

The following are some of the major built-in parameters of Jaspersoft:

• REPORT_PARAMETERS_MAP – it contains the parameter values defined by the user.

• REPORT_CONNECTION – holds the JDBC connection used to run the SQL query.

• REPORT_MAX_COUNT – allows the users to limit the records from the data source.

• REPORT_LOCALE – contains the resource bundle desired locale

• REPORT_TIME_ZONE – Sets the time zone used to fill the report.

• REPORT_TEMPLATES – This is an optional collection of styles (JRTemplate) that can be used in addition to those defined in the report.

• IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION – User can switch the pagination system on and off with this parameter.

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