Jasper Reports Global Scriptlets

When complex functionality cannot be achieved easily using report expressions or variables, JasperReports provides us with a simple and powerful means of doing this with Scriptlets.

Scriptlets are sequences of Java code that are executed every time a report event occurs. Values of report variables can be affected through scriptlets.

User can associate scriptlets by declaring the scriptlets globally. The global scriptlets apply to all reports being filled in the given JasperReports deployment. This is made easy by the fact that scriptlets can be added to JasperReports as extensions.

The scriptlet extension point is represented by thenet.sf.jasperreports.engine.scriptlets.ScriptletFactory interface.

Jasper Reports will load all scriptlet factories available through extensions at runtime. Then, it will ask each one of them for the list of scriptlets instances that they want to apply to the current report that is being run. When asking for the list of scriptlet instances, the engine gives some context information that the factory could use in order to decide, which scriptlets actually applied to the current report.

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