Now Is the Best Time to Invest In HR Technology like Oracle Fusion HCM

How Successful Businesses Are Using Oracle HCM

For a business to succeed in managing and retaining the optimum talent, there needs to be the right technology for optimizing the employee experience, as well as anticipating and responding to changing the workforce needs.

In 2017, Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud introduced three more applications to their system. In addition, they made epic user experience enhancements as well as extensions to their existing HR modules. Their innovations included the AI-based power artificial intelligence recruiting features, together with new health, safety, along with governance and the risk capabilities.

These new releases have the capability to empower HR professionals when it comes to meeting challenges. This happens when all the major HR concerns are combined on one platform, which enables collaboration, optimization of talent management, provision of complete workforce insights, an increment in operational efficiency and making it simple for the everyone to connect from any device.

Oracle’s New Applications

Oracle Recruiting Cloud

This application will help you with robust sourcing as well as automated report migration abilities. Internal employee candidates for the jobs will greatly benefit from many increased opportunities, while external candidates will have access to chat-bots that will offer them more information, increasing engagement and conversion. HRIT organizations will live the streamlined organization as well as the regular maintenance it comes with.

Workforce Safety and Health Incident Management

This application will benefit you in the sense that you will get an easy solution in managing unsafe conditions or even incidents. Features include capturing critical information, incident management, an ability to be able to track actions, safety dashboards, and reposting support.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

This will help your organization to identify, monitor, remediate and manage risk through the streamlining governance as well as compliance initiatives. This application will deter employees from exploiting your system through a clear segregation of duties as well as more security features that prevent potential fraud.

According to Chris Leone, the vice president of Oracle Applications Development, these additions incorporate powerful albeit simple features that assist businesses in leveraging the latest innovations, in order to plan and to anticipate for their future. When innovations in the artificial intelligence are combined with user experience with significant enhancements to the core HR modules, the company is able to help your organization through digital transformations.

In addition to these applications, the company has designed more user enhancements experience and also major additions to the existing Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud modules. First-hand user experience is not only simple but intuitive and consistent.

Additional automated reporting conversion for Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud Modules Include:

My Volunteering: Employees are able to choose volunteer projects and enroll in them

Knowledge Management: A better way for clients to access more information

Anytime Feedback: Will increase your employee communication

Cloud-Based Human Capital Management on a Global Scale

If you are interested to see how Oracle HCM can improve your organization, contact DataTerrain and our BI experts will assist you in crafting a reporting conversion strategy for your business.