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In today’s competitive job market, organizations are finding it necessary to optimize the recruitment process through automation. This is particularly helpful to organizations that need to interview and onboard large numbers of candidates as it becomes impossible to track every candidate’s progress in the recruitment process. According to statistics, the recruitment software market is estimated to grow by 7.4% compound annual growth rate to around $3,095 million by 2025.

One of the factors that has led to this growth is the need for analysis metrics. This, along with the increase in a geographically diverse workforce, is fueling the demand for job candidate tracking. Fortunately, this is now possible through HCM cloud reports.

Oracle’s Talent Management software, Taleo, is one of the most sought after talent management software in the market today. Through tools such as Taleo reports, the management can get to review and analyze their workforce’s performance, retain and nurture them, and provide them with coaching and career advancement opportunities.

Some of the features which make Taleo stand out include:

  • An intuitive and highly engaging user interface
  • Integration with Google Jobs to ensure that the jobs you post are easy to find
  • Accessibility through smartphones which makes it easy for your candidates and teams to access the content
  • Unlimited customizable site pages
  • Deep reporting and analytics through BI report support, thus optimizing your recruitment process. You will know how much it costs to recruit and on board your new employees, how strong their skills are, and where they are coming from

One of the key reasons why more people are using Taleo is its ability to reduce hire times. This is because it reduces the time spent on repetitive and mundane tasks such as scheduling interviews and confirming appointments. This not only speeds up the recruitment process, but you can also spend the time saved nurturing your new hire’s relationship.

Using a recruitment software helps you minimize the inefficiencies caused by human error during the recruitment process. Through an automated system, all candidates’ interviews are scheduled and confirmed. Also, candidates are assessed in the same way and automatically informed of their interview outcomes. This means a pleasant candidate experience. Also, a less biased recruitment process is more likely to attract a diverse candidate pool.

With the software market being highly fragmented, Oracle is making every effort to make Taleo as practical as possible. Firms such as Accenture, AccorHotels, Deloitte, Engie, GEICO, and UnitedHealth Group. If you are not using Taleo, you are missing out on the best candidates, as well as some of the most futuristic reporting and analytics tools.

Let Oracle HCM Reports Help Your Team Synergize

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