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Our KPIs are Knowledge, Performance, and Innovation.

14Years of experience
BI reports and Dashboards

Built by our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence team.

Business Intelligence Reports
Transition Automation

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BI Consulting Services - Automation Expertise
Legacy Reports

Regularly used but outdated, inflexible, and a security risk.

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BI Transformation Services - Automated Solutions

Rebuilds in newer technology in rapid mode.

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Best Practices

Newly built reports & dashboards adhere to new standards.

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BI Consulting and Transformation Services - Streamlined Automation
Quality Assurance

We test functionality & data accuracy extensively.

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Comprehensive BI Consulting - Advanced Automation
Newly Built Reports

Newly built reports are reviewed by business users.

Tailored BI Solutions - Automated Processes

We deploy in the development, production servers, or cloud.

We value our new and long-term customers and deliver the best.

We maintain a culture of consistent innovation, refining processes and tools.


A wealth of references from satisfied clients backs our track record of project execution

Business Automation - BI Reports Enhancement
ETL Solutions
Efficiently performed multiple ETL pipeline building and integrations.
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Improved Business Processes - BI Automation
Oracle HCM Analytics
9 years of building Oracle HCM fusion analytics & reporting experience.
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Business Innovation - BI Report Automation
Data Lake
Experienced in building Data Lakes with Billions of records.
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Business Automation - BI Reports Enhancement
BI Products
Successfully delivered multiple BI product-based projects.
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Improved Business Processes - BI Automation
Legacy Scripts
Successfully transitioned legacy scripts from Mainframes to Cloud.
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Business Innovation - BI Report Automation
AI ML Solutions
Expertise in building innovative AI and Machine Learning based projects.
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Cost-Benefit Ratio

We meticulously review projects from the customer's perspective.

Digital Automation

Our automation techniques and tools are customer-centric.

Cost-Benefit Ratio - Digital Automation in BI Reporting

Key Benefits of Our Expert
BI Transition Service for Modern Reporting

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Seamless Integration

Integrating newly built reports into existing applications.

Seamless Automation - BI Reporting Solutions
Scalability and Flexibility

Automation to achieve versatile and robust analytics.

Scalable BI Automation - Growth and Efficiency
Risk Compliance

Risk assessment, compliance measures, and reporting.

Risk Management - BI Automation Strategies
Enhanced Service Experience - BI Report Automation
Precision in Reporting - BI Automation Excellence
Precision and Accuracy

Automation delivers consistency, repeatability, and reliability.

Enhanced Efficiency - BI Report Automation
Enhanced Efficiency

Increased productivity, resource utilization, and competitive advantage.

Innovation in Reporting - BI Automation Impact
Innovate and Future

Creative and inventive approaches to solve existing problems.

Data Engineering - BI Report Automation Strategies
/*-/ Advanced Data Engineering - BI Automation Solutions

Data Engineering & Data Analytics

Realtime Data Analytics

Built robust analytics and reporting on small and large-scale data sources.

Real-Time Data Processing

Built billions of records processing data flows in ETL and Data Lake.

Customer growth map
Our customer success and growth chart shows our reputation as a reliable and trusted business year after year.
Customer Growth Map - BI Report Automation Success
14 years,We have created data engineering designs and tools.