Importance of Data masking

Data masking protects your information from accidental and intentional threats by ensuring that sensitive information is NOT available beyond the production environment. It is a way of creating a similar version of data that can be used for purposes such as software testing and user training. The intention is to protect the actual data and a substitute where the actual data is not required.

Data masking enables you to comply with various data protection laws such as CCPA, HIPAA and PCI DSS and helps you to raise the level of security and privacy assurance.

Data masking works by masking sensitive data given below (but not limited to) in non-production environments to reduce the risk of data breaches.

* Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security Number, Name, Date Of Birth, Address, and Phone Numbers,

* Protected Health Information (PHI),

* Payment Card Information (PCI-DSS) such as Credit Card Numbers, Card Expiry Date, etc..

DataTerrain’s data masking tool masks sensitive data in a Non-Production environment by an automated process and it reduces the risk of a data breach in Non- Production environments where data is more vulnerable. This masking activity is one-way and irreversible. Using this masking tool, we can mask the sensitive data with ease and become compliant to various privacy laws.

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