How to Block Email Delivery if Oracle HCM report returns no data

Oracle HCM customers mostly setup E-mail delivery for their custom/pre-built BI and OTBI reports. There would be a requirement where the report should be delivered to the End User only if it satisfies criteria.

Usually, we can add these criteria to the BI Query/OTBI Filter section and restrict the report from displaying the data but we should also block the Email Delivery of this report or else the End User will receive an empty attachment which would be an inconvenience.

We can use Event Triggers in BI and Rowcount in OTBI to restrict this blank file delivery to End User’s mailbox.

In the BI report, create an “EventTrigger” of “Schedule” Type in the data model and specify the criteria which decide the row count of the report. BI report will initially check whether these criteria return any rows and if not, the report is not scheduled at all.

Similarly in the OTBI report, on the report properties, under ‘More’, we can schedule it conditionally by providing the row count condition under the ‘Condition’ tab. We can set the schedule based on the condition row count is not zero in order to block the Email delivery.

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