How Technology is Impacting Quality Workflow

BI Support And HCM Automated Reports Improve Synergy

Individuals with backgrounds in STEM fields will always be in high demand. However, there is a growing deficit in another area; soft skills. These provide the ability to think critically, communicate well, and manage & supervise effectively. It will take some work for businesses to put employees in the best position to use those soft skills. Technology like Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud can help.

The Importance of Soft Skills

The development of soft skills is both a challenge and an opportunity that is solved with HCM Cloud. The advancement of workplace technology means that money that once went toward mundane tasks can now be redirected toward developing soft skills in the workforce.

Soft skills are important at every level of an organization. Better communication leads to smoother teamwork, which in turn makes projects succeed at a much higher rate. Managers and HR professionals can use a combination of soft skills and tech-based tools like Oracle Learn reports to help predict what employees need to thrive. Soft skills even play a role at the highest level of an organization.

Self-awareness is part of a sometimes overlooked component of soft skills: emotional intelligence, which also envelops self-regulation, empathy, and social skills. The takeaway point is that soft skills are a broad category and cover many critical traits.

The End Goal

The end goal of developing soft skills is to create self-sufficient employees who can manage themselves. The reasons self-managed employees are more effective are numerous, and they include:

Self-managed employees tend to take more charge of developing their own careers.

They are often more innovative and rely less on supervisors to solve problems.

They are more able to resolve interpersonal conflicts and move forward.

Give Your Organization the Human Touch with Oracle HCM Reports

Creating a workforce made up of self-sufficient employees may sound like a tall task, but the HCM Cloud suite of programs can make it easier. BI support tools can be used in the hiring process to spot potential employees with traits that make them more likely to become self-sufficient. Other tools in the HCM family can help develop employees toward that end once they’re on board. The same goes for employees already in the fold. If you are looking to help your business grow by implementing these strategies, contact DataTerrain today.