How New Generations View the Role of HCM

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A few years ago, millennials were not necessarily considered an important part of the workforce. After all, they were only beginning to trickle in, and their effect was nearly negligible. No HCM solution catered to their management style as they were only a tiny part of the total workplace structure. Today, this structure has changed, and millennials are fast climbing corporate ranks. They are even assuming management roles. So, how do new generations perceive the role of HCM?

Work-life balance

For starters, millennials have different views when it comes to flexibility and working hours. This time adjustment has become a reality across multiple industries as the new generation seeks to establish a proper work-life balance. Through tools such as HCM Cloud and the use of smart devices has helped embed this mindset. The new generation can access workplace information from anywhere as long as they have internet connectivity and the right devices. They can also work remotely.

Growth at the workplace

The new generation values growth, and they have a hunger for quick achievements. If your business has a young leader, there are high chances that they will show their ambition by setting goals and going on to try and achieve them within the shortest time possible. HCM has made provisions for the new generation to be educated for personal as well as career growth. Ensuring their personal growth and self-awareness also helps them have a stronger character so that they become more resilient.


For the new generation, technology is the norm. If your workplace has had trouble migrating and adapting to newer technology, this is the time to do it. Millennials are eager to adapt to new technological solutions and put them in use. They perceive these as a means of achieving higher levels of productivity. Fortunately, there are tools such as HCM fusion that encompass all facets of the workplace.

Collaboration at the workplace

The newer generation is on the lookout for a dynamic and collaborative workplace. They are looking forward to accomplishing or achieving more collectively. Through HCM Cloud and BI support, they can get real-time feedback and reports that enable them to make decisions based on facts.

The older generation of employees has a strong sense of conformity, loyalty, and responsibility. On the other hand, baby boomers are less prone to accept job changes and resist new roles in the workplace because they need to feel that what they are working on aligns with their aspirations and goals. Through HCM tools, an organization can assign roles and responsibilities accordingly.

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With the diverse generations in today’s workplace, it is challenging to ensure that everybody works together. Oracle HCM Cloud provides you with a comprehensive set of human management solutions that will fulfill all your business needs. If you are looking to help your business grow by implementing these strategies, contact DataTerrain today to see what we can do for your organization.