How HR Leaders Can Take Charge In The New Workplace

Oracle HCM Report Support Puts You In The Driver’s Seat

The effects of 2020 will remain with the working world for a very long time. While some challenges have arisen, so have workplace opportunities. HR leaders can use the following tactics to successfully guide their organization in the years to come.

New Approaches to Recruiting

Strong recruiting is key to the health of any organization. Factors like bloated account sign-up requirements and unclear job descriptions can make otherwise effective organizations miss out on great external candidates. While internal candidates are often overlooked because higher-level employees don’t realize what they have to offer. That’s where HR professionals need to step in by using tools like the HCM Cloud‘s Recruiting feature from Oracle. With today’s technology, it’s possible to use data to select great internal and external candidates, then make the application and interview process pleasing and effective for both sides.

New Approaches to Retaining Talent

Recruiting is essential, but so is retaining talent once great employees have joined the organization. High performers will rightly want to be rewarded, and they may resent being passed over arbitrarily. HR leaders can stay ahead of such problems by using HCM Fusion‘s talent management tools to identify who is lagging and who is crying out for development and promotion.

Successful employees typically seek out opportunities to grow their skills. If an organization doesn’t offer them, top employees are likely to move on rather than stagnate. Oracle Learning makes development both easy and effective. This highlights another manner in which technology may help HR professionals and their organizations stay ahead of the competition.

Simplified Data

Beyond promotions and development, employees want to feel set up to do their jobs well. BI support and other data-gathering solutions can give workers the information they need to succeed. The information can be delivered in a way that is easy to digest for each employee. Imagine indecision based on a lack of information becoming a thing of the past.


All of the above information has a common theme; They are all ways in which an organization can mold itself to meet the needs of its employees, rather than vice versa. Employees who feel replaceable won’t react by sticking around for long. The opposite is true when an organization works to meet employees’ individual needs. Investment in them will pay dividends for the organization over the long run.

Utilizing BI Tools with DataTerrain

Oracle HCM Cloud provides you with a comprehensive set of human management solutions that will fulfill all your business needs. If you are looking to help your business grow by implementing these strategies, contact DataTerrain today to see what we can do for your organization.