How DataTerrain Can Choose the Right BI Tools for Your Business

DataTerrain Puts BI Support at Your Fingertips

Innovation is key in business, so it’s understandable if you’re looking for help choosing the right technological tools to aid your business’s operations and help it grow. As the following examples show, there are many options, and DataTerrain can guide your company toward the right solutions.

BI Support

Business Intelligence (BI) refers to the use of analytics and reporting to deliver knowledge to your company’s decision-makers. DataTerrain aids businesses that wish to leverage BI support by implementing capabilities such as data management and warehousing. Because every company is unique, experts will work with yours to deliver a great solution.

Reports and Dashboard Setup

Some of the most powerful BI tools are reports and dashboards, which provide a way for users to easily view and ingest actionable data. Options in this realm include the Oracle Analytics Cloud, Jaspersoft, and Tableau, among others, so there are plenty of routes DataTerrain can provide more information on. All of these solutions are powerful ones, but they also stand out for particular strengths. For instance, Jaspersoft may be ideal for companies looking for a self-service way to generate visual reports, while the Oracle Analytics Cloud shines for people seeking tools like alerts and chart generation.

HCM Cloud

The HCM Cloud is an HR solution that works across devices and across virtually any organization, as it is limitlessly flexible, allowing it to adapt to the needs of employees in many roles. HCM (Human Capital Management) has proven valuable for organizations in areas such as:

Recruiting and onboarding

Employee development and training

Succession planning

Workforce and absence management

Health and safety considerations


Partnering with DataTerrain will allow your company to learn about which components of the HCM Cloud can best aid your organization. And don’t worry about being locked in: Because cloud-based programs are very malleable, it’s always possible to adopt other elements as your organization’s needs change.

DataTerrain Has Your Back with BI Support

Along with helping your business choose the best fits for its needs and goals, DataTerrain offers ongoing support in the form of training, guidance, and hands-on help. Additionally, DataTerrain can help with transitions from older software that has become obsolete to newer, better-fitting solutions. To learn more about your company’s options, please contact DataTerrain here and start your BI journey today.