How Can Oracle HCM Optimize Your HR Strategy

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What’s your most important business asset? Is the equipment, or the people who operate the equipment? Is it the money that flows in, or the people who get the money flowing? Is the building, or the people who occupy the building, working together to drive the business forward? Of course, it’s the people. Thus, optimizing all the business’s human capital functions should be a topmost priority for every organization. That’s the purpose of human capital management.

What is Human Capital Management?

Human capital management (HCM) refers to a holistic business strategy combined with modern IT technology that brings together a range of employee functions including recruiting, hiring, training, job and position management, payroll, compensation, benefits, time-tracking, productivity, HR compliance, and HCM reporting. These functions can be synergized together using HRM to drive employee engagement, lift productivity, and increase business value.

The Benefits of an HRM Solution

Using HRM, an organization is enabled to make faster and smarter decisions, deliver a superb employee experience, and leverage the latest technologies to automate workflows and improve workplace efficiency. See how this impacts our clients.

The Analytical Power of Oracle HCM
  • Offers a simple implementation of business intelligence tools to accomplish critical tasks quickly and accurately. Plus, customizable automated reports are generated swiftly.
  • Makes it possible for an organization to access key information quickly and apply top-tier analytics to address many functions and issues.
  • Enables accessible widespread information sharing, thus enriching organizational engagement and propelling ideas and innovation across the organization.
  • Facilitates hiring and retaining the best talent. Plus, people can do their jobs better.
  • Fits smoothly into an organization’s functionality, offering the ability to customize HCM applications to fit the organization’s human resource needs.
  • Overall, it keeps a business relevant and gives it the ability to be more vigorously competitive.
  • Companies that Transition to Oracle HCM Find New Value and Insight in DataTerrain’s Methodology

DataTerrain uses a proven methodology to transition users to Oracle HCM. The transition process starts with a thorough analysis of an organization’s existing human capital management processes and reports to identify all key elements, areas requiring inputs, and areas requiring user decisions. Next, Oracle HCM reports are created that match the organization’s needs and preferences. Data formats are created, and any product issues or gaps are identified. Detailed transition documents are delivered to ensure the smooth progress of data gathering, analysis, and reporting. Following testing of HCM processes, validation is performed, and user acceptance is given.

Time after time, and client after client, DataTerrain has transitioned users to Oracle HCM and the outcome has demonstrated that DataTerrain’s process saves cost, time, and effort for the customer. Further, in each case, DataTerrain forms an integrated team to ensure cross-platform expertise to ensure a smooth transition. Plus, the project is delivered with great customer care including regular project calls leading to faster issues resolution and rapid decision-making. See our real world examples here.

In short, DataTerrain ensures a smooth transition so that Oracle HCM can help businesses across all industries.

DataTerrain Has the BI Tools For Your Business

Contact DataTerrain, based in Palo Alto, CA. We use top-tier automation technology and proven transition methodology to achieve optimum HR and HCM results. Our real-time analytics and reporting drive business results that are trusted by over 250 customers across North America.