How Business are Adapting to a Post-Pandemic Landscape

Oracle HCM Reports Help Your Business Thrive

The coronavirus pandemic has massively disrupted the way the business world works, interrupting some companies and putting others out of business. No matter what industry, the pandemic has likely had a transformation effect. But now, several months into the crisis, companies are using tools like those in Oracle’s Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud suite of programs to master the post-pandemic landscape.

The Shift to Working from Home

Before the pandemic, working from home had a mixed outlook: Some companies embraced it, some were against it, and some fell in the middle. However, the coronavirus crisis has necessitated some type of remote work for virtually all companies, and remote work will be sticking around to some extent even after the pandemic has abated.

HR executives who worry about a disconnection between remote workers and the company at large should look into the HCM Cloud’s solutions. Companies are using the software’s digital assistant capabilities to let employees quickly access information, often through voice commands. Every time a digital assistant answers a question, the employee saves time by not having to write to or call HR, allowing the HR professionals to focus on other tasks.

A New Work-Life Balance

Many companies have a culture that prioritizes work first and the rest of life’s activities second. But more and more we see successful companies letting employees orient their work lives more around their schedules. Given all the pressures the pandemic has placed on families, companies that make it easier to manage employees’ home lives are more likely to keep those employees.

One way to do this is through Business Intelligence (BI) reports and BI report support, which provide support for managers and HR professionals. With its use, a manager could pull a report that reveals an employee is frequently working far more than their scheduled 40 hours per week and then check in on what changes would help get their workload under control.

Keeping Employees Engaged

Coming into the office less often isn’t necessarily a threat to employee engagement, but other factors do pose dangers when it comes to keeping a workforce happy and productive. Staring into a computer screen on hours-long video calls, for instance, can lead to tired eyes and brains. HCM Fusion reports, though, can act as an early warning system by highlighting potential problems and opportunities for success.

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