Hitachi Consulting Realizes Significant Value with HCM Cloud Transformation

HCM Works Better in The Cloud

The original HR systems employed by Hitachi Consulting operated as fixed sources of data and separate informational resources. This divide made the compilation of real-time data and BI intelligence report migration nearly impossible. Professionals were forced to compile reports from a slow trickle of manually harvested information that left room for human error. The HCM cloud transformation changed the way that HR systems were utilized and brought Hitachi Consulting into the digital era.

The Unification of HR Systems

The adoption of Oracle’s Fusion HCM allowed all the HR/HCM data from multiple sources to be compiled and analyzed together. This improved accuracy, allowed for predictive and actionable HR strategies, and changed the way that the company viewed and measured talent. The unification of the HR systems into a cloud-based resource made the entire process simpler, faster, and more efficient—leaving more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

The migration of reports and BI tool migration has brought data and resources to the areas where it will be the most beneficial. Any time that a company requires HR technology, finding a way to unify HR/HCM systems gives both the employers and the employees the best possible method of operations.

Expanding the Talent Base

One of the largest advantages to the HCM cloud transition was the ability to better gauge, assess, identify, and retain talent. Having a system that offers data driven reports on performance gives important insight into the way that employees are responding to managerial strategies and incentive programs.

This saved Hitachi Consulting more than $1-million in the first year alone, and increased their referral hiring rate exponentially. Less money is spent on sifting through data only to react to problems in a delayed fashion; and more money is put into improved hiring and retention practices.

Business Intelligence Is The Key To Success

DataTerrain is in integral part of the HCM cloud transformation and can provide expert insight into migrating with the future of HR/HCM technology. For more information on how Oracle Fusion HCM and HCM fusion reports can improve your HR capabilities, contact us through our website or by calling 650-701-1100.