Is Your HCM Solution Future-Ready?

Oracle HCM Helps Future-Proof Your Organization

Technological advances, globalization, and demographic shifts are some of the massive changes this century workplaces have to grapple with. Unlike our predecessors during the Industrial Revolution who experienced localized changes at the beginning of automation and the advent of new technologies, the digital age affects all industries.

For companies and organizations to remain relevant, they not only need to stay agile and hire stellar talent, but they also need to future-proof SaaS solutions such as Oracle Fusion HCM.

Automating HCM processes

The HR function has undergone a significant transformation over the last couple of decades. In the past, the personnel department was used for such purposes as allocation of sick days, vacations, retirement plans, and generating payrolls. There was also a detachment between the employees working in the HR department and those working in other departments.

Today’s HR department is integrated with the rest of the company. It is now involved in employee hiring, induction, performance reviews, training and development, employee engagement, workplace safety, and so on. This is enabled by solutions such as HCM.

With the global HCM market is anticipated to grow to $19.88 billion by 2021, it is clear that more organizations are recognizing and embracing people management and HR software. Such solutions are meant to:

Minimize employee turnover

Increase productivity as they take care of mundane tasks

Digitize staff benefits

Attract better skills

Provide managers with tools for workforce planning and analysis

How to future proof your HCM solutions for long-term results

To remain competitive and progressive, organizations not only need to embrace today’s technology but also prepare for further evolution in the future. Some of the ways through which you can future-proof your HCM solutions include:

Choose the right HCM solution – with the vast number of cloud vendors today, you need to evaluate your preferred HCM solution critically. Does it have features such as BI support? How well does it integrate with other SaaS solutions and mobile platforms? Is your solution provider be there in the long haul? What is their experience with similar jobs? Do they invest in R&D? Does it generate Real-time reports?

Nurture a flexible culture – rather than adopting a “we’ve done this in the past,” encourage your employees to share new ideas and solutions. This also helps them embrace change

Encourage professional development – your employee will be better placed to accept and embrace change if they are aware of the positive impact it will have on their lives. Encourage professional development by planning for conferences, webinars, and other mentorship programs.

Take Your Organization To The Next Level With BI Support

Change is inevitable whether you are prepared for it or not. You can ensure that you are prepared for the future by adopting a scalable HCM solution and nurturing an engaged and knowledgeable workforce that is ready to embrace it. Contact the team at DataTerrain to see how to propel your organization into the global market.