Classic and Interactive reports in Oracle Apex

Interactive reports:

Interactive reports is a formatted result of a SQL query.

Interactive reports can be created with both Create Application Wizard and Create Page Wizard. It supports only Desktop applications. Users can customize the report layout and data displayed.

Multiple interactive reports per page can be included and developers can restrict the capabilities available to end users. In the application Report functionality, is the same across all reports.

End users can customize how and what data displays while viewing an interactive report. By default, in the first column of each row, interactive reports include a search bar, an Actions menu, column heading menus, and edit icons.

Classic Reports:

A classic report is a formatted result of a SQL query. Classic report creation is supported by both the Create Application Wizard and Create Page Wizard.

End users cannot customize a classic report except for sorting and simple filtering.

To create a classic report, developers either select a table or provide a SQL statement.

Classic reports support general keyword search capability, the ability to specify the number of rows that display, and basic column sorting.

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