What Can PeopleTools 8.56 Do For Your Business?

Oracle HCM Services Are Constantly Advancing

Oracle has recently released the newest edition of PeopleTools 8.56, the most up-to-date version of the PeopleSoft applications development tool. This comes as great news because this version features new provisions designed to enhance the user experience, productivity, and search capabilities. For businesses in particular, this release comes as an added advantage to the Oracle HCM suite.

# 1 Boosted productivity

One of the key factors to the success of a business is the productivity levels of its personnel. With the PeopleTools 8.56, the developers enhance an already existing feature in the form of the PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF). This distinct framework is improved to facilitate you running tests based on the outcome set of a typical query execution. These BI Tools would subsequently boost your QA team’s productivity.

# 2 Privacy

No one wants to work with a business that cannot guarantee the safety of their personal information. Numerous businesses rely on this information to identify individuals. This makes privacy a crucial component of business transactions. This new release comes with a Sensitive Field masking feature which allows you as a user to conceal the content of sensitive information and fields like Passwords and SSN.

# 3 Flexibility

With its earlier release, PeopleTools 8.55 was lauded as among the finest technological advances for HCM reports. With the latest version (PeopleTools 8.56), the event mapping feature is now more enhanced and powerful including support to Field Change events, Page Level events and many more.

Moreover, this framework also allows the tagging of several custom codes to identical people code event. With this framework, businesses have the flexibility of finding similar definition references as the People Code (definition) search. This lessens the workload and makes the operations faster.

Move Your Business Intelligence Forward With DataTerrain

PeopleTools 8.56 affords essential improvements across its entire footprint. It comes with new features that boost the productivity of both the end users and developers. What’s more, it combines advanced technologies, new features, and added simplicity to offer its clients (including businesses) the much-needed operational efficiency and enhanced user application. If you or your organization are looking to improve your human capital management department and promote synergy across your company, contact Dataterrain today. Our business professionals are here to assist you with all your Business Intelligence needs.