Tableau Time series

Tableau natively supports rich time-series analysis, meaning you can explore seasonality, trends, sample your data, run predictive analyses like forecasting, and perform other common time-series operations within a robust UI.

Easy predictive analytics adds tremendous value to almost any data project. By supporting both complex configuration and simple interactive modeling, Tableau serves both the data scientist and the end user.
The feature resources for time-series and predictive analysis:
Time-series Analysis (In Action) : Tableau is a tool that lets you leverage Time Series Analysis to analyze important trends. Tableau Time Series Analysis lets you utilize its drag-and-drop feature to evaluate times by day of the week, drill down with a click and perform time comparisons like Moving Averages and Year-Over-Year growth easily.
Forecasting : Forecasting in Tableau uses a technique known as exponential smoothing. Forecast algorithms try to find a regular pattern in measures that can be continued into the future. Add a forecast to a view that contains a date field and at least one measure. However, in the absence of a date, Tableau can create a forecast for a view that contains a dimension with integer values in addition to at least one measure.

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