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HR and HCM Strengthened with BI

Although community leaders are in most cases involved in dealing with disasters and emergencies, the HR department plays a major role when it comes to emergency preparedness. Preparing, communicating with, and training community leaders on how to deal with emergencies helps to strengthen their emergency services delivery.

The Memphis Case Study
The need to share information and stay prepared explains the use of BI tools such as Oracle Fusion HCM, not only for organizations but also for major cities. Case in point is the city of Memphis, Tennessee; after using the Oracle HCM Cloud to revamp its hiring processes, employees’ benefits management, and other on-premises HR applications, effectively strengthened its emergency services. This happened after Jim Strickland assumed the office of Mayor in 2016 and pledged to improve the way city services were being delivered by performing a complete overhaul of the city’s workforce.

In a bid to include corporate HR practices into the city’s management, Strickland elected Alexandria Smith, a private sector veteran, as the city’s new HR officer. He then sought to learn where residents wanted the city’s services to be improved. The residents’ major concerns included a lack of police presence, slower response times to emergency calls, and a weak firefighting team.

How did the HR overhaul help Memphis?
One of the ways through which Oracle HCM Cloud has helped Memphis, is through the revamping of its HR department and consequently its emergency response services and talent acquisition. Through the Oracle Talent Acquisition Tool, the HR department can easily onboard emergency workers through social sourcing. BI tools were used to relay reports gauging employees’ job satisfaction in relation to their career paths, benefits, salaries, and other factors. This made way for improvements to be made.

Through the implementation of such technology as OBIEE migration, it became possible to compile all employees’ data in a single system. This made it easier for the HR department to analyze and report the employees’ activities. As Oracle is responsible for all system updates and maintenance issues, Memphis’s IT team is able to concentrate on critical problems. In addition, each employee can easily update their personnel files, which frees up time for the HR department.

Let DataTerrain and Oracle HCM Reports Help Your HR Team Work Smarter

With the tremendous improvements noted on the delivery of emergency services in Memphis, we can only expect more cities to implement such technology. Since most local and national governments are looking into modernizing their operations and enhancing their service delivery, there’s no better time to get on board with Oracle HCM and DataTerrain BI Tools. Oracle Cloud solutions help cities become more efficient, responsive, and accountable. Get in touch with DataTerrain today to learn more about our business intelligence analytics and report conversion and migration services.