Converting Hyperion IR/Brio to OBIEE 12c Easy and Economical

DataTerrain’s automated solution for converting from Hyperion IR/Brio to OBIEE 12c easy and economical

Ever since Oracle announced the end of its Premium support for Hyperion Interactive Reporting in April 2015, more and more customers have been migrating to Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c.

It’s easy to see why. OBIEE offers all the agility of Hyperion, plus several significant advantages. Where Hyperion was restricted to creating single models to address a single report, OBIEE works with multiple data sources and is architecturally designed for enterprise-level reporting. Hyperion IR/Brio couldn’t match the requirements of an enterprise reporting tool, because each Hyperion IR report has a unique data module and was unable to share secure data caching between users. But with OBIEE, there’s no more “siloed” reporting–users can create highly interactive dashboards and reports, which can then be shared and reused across an organization, with role-based security controls.

The repository layer (or RPD) in OBIEE enables to connect to multiple data sources, define physical and logical models, define hierarchies and roles/group.

Among the major advantages that OBIEE offers are:

Comprehensive BI functionality – Full ad-hoc queries and analysis and includes interactive dashboards.

Separate data logic and, layout – which is easier to maintain and provides greater flexibility and reuse.

Flexible layout editor – Helps users easily create analyses or dashboard reports directly in a web browser.

Connectivity to any data source – users can create reports from virtually any data source with a JDBC connection.

Scheduling and bursting – Schedule a single report (with personalized content) to be delivered to multiple destinations via multiple output formats.

Role-based security – All levels of an organization can see information optimized for their role.

The challenge of converting

For businesses who are converting from Hyperion/BRIO to OBIEE, if your reports contain dashboards and formatting, that poses a challenge. You also have to convert the sections or views in the BQY reports to Answers, and data models in BQY files must be converted to Business and Presentation Models for an OBIEE Repository (RPD file).

The DataTerrain solution

DataTerrain has developed an automation conversion solution to migrate reports from Hyperion IR/Brio to OBIEE 12c. Our conversion solution also includes an analysis of native functions and complex JavaScript logics embedded in BRIO reports and provides an equivalent solution to achieve the same in OBIEE. This can help facilitate a move to a standard OBIEE platform that is faster and economical.

With DataTerrain’s reports conversion solution, customers can quickly and efficiently migrate to OBIEE reports and while preserving the years of effort they spent in designing the report sections/layouts. DataTerrain’s technical team has the experience and expertise to ensure a smooth transition for your business and build the BRIO reports to OBIEE.

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