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Rationalization of BI Reports and Dashboard using automation

Migrating legacy BI reports daunting. Manually recreating reports time-consuming, error-prone. DataTerrain's Automation Services introduces powerful solution: Automated duplicate report identification.

The Challenges

Multiple Duplicate Reports

Imagine you have 1,000 legacy reports. Manually migrating reports and dashboards involves comparing each report to every other one, a colossal task. Automation helps a great deal to identify similarities across and optimize the migration or upgrade.

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The Solution

DataTerrain’s Automated Rationalization

Automation technology utilizes a single report query to compare all your reports and dashboards by meticulously examining every element for similarities.

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DataTerrain's Automated Report Comparison: Matching and Analyzing Queries, Joins, Filters, and Parameters

1. Source report query used tables and columns will compare with all other target reports query tables and columns.

2. Source report query joins and static filters will be compared with all the target report joins and static filters.

3. Source report parameters will be compared with all other destination report parameters.

4. If the above steps are matched, the report is identified as Fully Matched.

5. Some source and destination reports have multiple queries, so all queries pass the first four steps, and then the report is flagged as fully Matched.

6. The report is flagged as Partially Matched if at least one query matches. If no query matches, then the report is flagged as Not Matched.

7. DataTerrain provides detailed log files for all report comparisons.

The Beyond Duplicates

A Seamless BI Transformation

DataTerrain’s automation goes beyond duplicate detection. We offer a comprehensive Bl migration service,

  • Effortless Integration: Connect your new system with various applications using our expert solutions.
  • Top-Tier Expertise: Our skilled team helps you navigate any migration challenges.
  • Fixed-Price Guarantee: Migrate reports and dashboards with a pre-defined budget and timeline.
  • Preserved Business Logic: We ensure your legacy reports functionality translates seamlessly to the new system.
  • Enhanced Security: Data security is paramount throughout the migration process.
The Embrace Efficiency

Achieve Measurable Results

Don't let a massive volume of reports and dashboards slow down your BI migration / Upgrade. Let DataTerrain's automation tools streamline your transition and unlock the full potential of your new reporting system.

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