Oracle Taleo Cloud

How Does Taleo Human Capital Management Systems Work for You?

Companies that win in the twenty-first-century economy focus on two main things: taking care of their customer and taking care of their employees. Finding and keeping loyal and engaged employees is a challenge every company faces. This aspect has driven the demand for modern HR technology that serves to manage the workforce efficiently.

One of the leading HR technology platforms is the cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solution provided by Oracle. Herein is an overview of how firms can benefit from utilizing the Oracle HCM Cloud.

Businesses can use Oracle HCM cloud for talent acquisition through performance management, learning, and development. This solution allows firms to understand the best sources of external and internal talent. As such, businesses can respond faster to talent needs and execute forward-looking talent strategies. With Oracle BI acquired through their cloud-based HR system, companies can be able to streamline all sourcing and hiring to increase the quality of recruits and reduce recruiting costs.

All these factors lead to a streamlined global employee onboarding. Oracle HCM cloud facilitates collaboration and predictive performance and retention modeling. Many companies and organizations including Toshiba Medical Systems, American Career College and West Coast University, Siemens, BT and Tilly’s have adopted this cloud-based solution since it supports the HR lifecycle.


One trait that is unique to all employers of choice is that they retain their top performers. To achieve this, they have to identify the high-performing talent and encourage those characteristics in all employees. Oracle HCM cloud allows for this in several ways. These include:

  • Creating a connection between employee goals, compensation, and organization strategy.
  • Establishing a direct link between development, performance and compensation plans. This makes it easier to reward top performers.
  • Providing insight into the performance process.

Organizations can leverage Oracle HCM cloud to develop a performance-based environment where the management can define employee goals. This operational model allows for the identification of skills and competencies needed for employees to succeed. Oracle offers a unified platform that provides logical functions and configurations across the company.


New hires can start contributing to the success of business if they are up and running as quickly as possible. Oracle Taleo Cloud serves to accelerate the productivity timelines of new employees.

The Cloud was Made for Oracle HCM

Companies can automate onboarding paperwork and compliance and track the progress of the onboarding activities. This cloud-based solution also improves the conversion experience for candidates to employees. Oracle HCM cloud is easy to use, scalable and secure in this regard.

Overall, all types of companies can utilize Oracle HCM cloud to enhance and modernize the crucial Human Resource service delivery function. This solution provides an aligned environment where both the workforce and management focus on the same organizational goals and objectives. If you are interested in taking your workforce to the next level, contact us at DataTerrain. We are experts a strengthening your core business and creating detailed strategies for success.