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Business conditions and competitive activity seem to be moving at the speed of light. That’s why business intelligence is so crucial. Business intelligence refers to the means of collecting, storing, and analyzing data from the operations of an enterprise to gain useful and actionable insights. Business intelligence leverages the power of technology to transform data into understandable forms to help drive better-informed decisions. 

Data Services: Transitioning to OBIEE 

Due to Oracle’s decision to withdraw support to SAP BO on Taleo, organizations have decided to transition their BI and reporting to OBIEE

Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a comprehensive and innovative platform that delivers a full range of Business Intelligence capabilities for enterprise use. It can be characterized as pervasive to any audience, delivering data insights whenever users need data to drive decisions and actions. It is comprehensive including interactive intelligence dashboards, intelligent workflow reporting, predictive analytics, proactive detection and alerts, and ad hoc analysis. It also leverages any existing IT investments. 

Advantages of OBIEE 

OBIEE offers these advantages to organizations: 

First, it gives an organization an advantage over its competitors who don’t have access to this important technology. Data availability can help team members utilize data to collaborate better and achieve better results.  

Second, it can provide an organization with better consumer insights, enabling the better reading and interpretation of consumer trends and behaviors. 

Third, it provides an organization with a better business system that links departments with sophisticated BI tools to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations processes. 

What DataTerrain Can Do to Transition Data Services 

DataTerrain has demonstrated numerous and repeated successes in providing transition services from BO on the Taleo platform to OBIEE using these steps: 

  1. As-is analysis, planning, and preparation. DataTerrain thoroughly reviews the existing BO reports repository, examining all key information parameters. Then, a detailed activity plan is constructed. 
  2. Automated lift and shift transition and validation. DataTerrain’s automated utility is configured to conduct the automated data transition, using complex business logic and individual elements of the organization and its reporting layers. The individual reports, layouts, and data presentations are automatically validated, and issues are identified and fixed. 
  3. User acceptance and rollout. The outcomes of the lift and shift process are reviewed, and stakeholders affirm their acceptance. 

Why Taleo Transition Works for the Financial and Healthcare Industry 

Data transition was accomplished successfully for a leading business process and financial company based on their requirements that the transition had to meet these objectives: 

  • Accelerated to meet their timetable. 
  • Zero business disruption. 
  • Minimize training and adoption efforts. 

See how we here at DataTerrain leveraged our BI Support professionals to accomplish these goals. 

Data transition was accomplished successfully for one of the largest healthcare services providers in the United States with over 38,000 employees operating in 45 states. Their transition requirements were: 

  • Complete the transition with zero business disruption. 
  • Provide complete and satisfactory training and documentation to ensure a smooth user experience and effective ongoing usage. 
  • Complete transition to the OBIEE platform on time. 

The healthcare industry is a quickly evolving space that requires expert knowledge of up-to-date analytics and new legislation. See our process here

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