Transition Services and BI Tools for Your Business

The use of business intelligence software has become widely utilized by worldwide organizations. In fact, 26% of global companies have adopted business intelligence software, with 50 percent of finance companies and 52 percent of software companies using these tools. Without them, it is estimated that bad data costs the U.S. economy over $3 trillion each year. 

The Power of Business Intelligence 

Business intelligence software gathers data and then presents it in user-friendly ways including dashboards, reports, charts, and graphs. It enables users to access different types of data including current and historical data, unstructured and semi-structured data, in-house, and third-party data. Users can analyze the data to gain more informed insights that lead to better business decisions, providing a better way to identify issues, spot trends, and find new sources of revenue. 

Of course, there are many types and levels of business intelligence software. Users can transition between systems to gain higher functionality. 

Why Businesses Transition Data Systems 

Business objects (BO) are essentially a “container” for some application data such as an invoice or a customer document. The software data has various fields that have a name and a value. The fields are used to define aspects of business information. BO tools provide a suite of reporting and analytics tools with reporting applications allowing users to review and discover data, perform analysis to derive insights, and then create reports for those insights

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is a business intelligence tool offered by Oracle to gather, store, and analyze various data for enterprise reports. It offers a group of web-based tools for analyzing and reporting data, using dashboards, tables, graphs, pivots, and more. It is built with a rich user experience in mind. Business intelligence users may decide to transition to OBIEE to take advantage of OBIEE’s richer data analysis and user capabilities. 

Why Global Businesses Choose DataTerrain Transition Services 

Global businesses have chosen DataTerrain’s proven transition services. DataTerrain has demonstrated expertise in its transition services to OBIEE, ensuring that there are no business disruptions due to or during the transition and providing thorough documentation of the transition to minimize future maintenance activities. DataTerrain also bridges any skill gaps faced by a transitioning company, helps them overcome technical challenges, and ensures that they can meet or exceed their business requirements. Transition speed and data validation are DataTerrain’s key attributes. Check out some real-world examples here

DataTerrain utilizes its proprietary automation-led lift and shift methodology to accelerate a successful transition. The process includes: 

  • Thorough current state assessment analysis, including detailed business requirements, data usage, and reports planning. 
  • Automated transition and validation. 
  • Key stakeholders review validated reports and user acceptance is given. 
  • The target environment and reports are rolled out to production users. 

DataTerrain’s close working relationship with Oracle and its strong reputation as a reliable partner help achieve a faster completion of the transition and achieve the best practices as defined by Oracle. Further, the transition is achieved with an optimized cost. 

Seek Superior Business Intelligence and OBIEE Transition Services 

Contact DataTerrain based in Palo Alto, CA. Our proven automation technology delivers business intelligence at your fingertips. We provide real-time analytics and reporting to drive business results that are trusted by over 250 customers across North America and worldwide.