Cognos Powerplay is an application that manages data exploration and reporting which is based on the Powerplay Cubes. It fully implements the concept of OLAP multidimensional analysis and can create various reports according to the user’s needs.

Some of the major features of Cognos Powerplay:

  • It enables users to explore large volumes of summarized data with sub-second response times in a Web or Excel environment.
  • Cognos Powerplay draws information from relational databases to model and builds Powercubes.
  • Cubes are data sets that can contain tons of millions of consolidated rows of data and categories.
  • Business rules and calculations can be built right into them and time series analysis is delivered automatically.
  • Cubes and reports can be deployed to Web clients or to Windows and Excel clients, all using the same application server.
  • Cognos Powerplay provides both a multidimensional data store and a feature-rich end-user experience.

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