BI Support For The Modern Age

Gen Z is made up of people born between 1995 and 2010—that is, the age group after the Millennials. The older members of Gen Z are squarely in the beginning of their working years, and the rest aren’t far behind them, which means they are about to have a large impact on the working world. This post will take a look at what the next generation of workers will mean for the workforce.

A Desire for Flexible Work

While the coronavirus crisis has forced many companies into allowing for more flexible working arrangements, Gen Z workers are likely to want at least some of that flexibility to remain in place after the crisis has passed. For instance, months before the crisis began, Gen Z were often deterred by the traditional, cubicle-based, 9-to-5 workday.

Technology can make the shift toward flexible work easier. For example, to facilitate remote working, companies can utilize tools like the HCM Cloud suite, which features a high level of mobile integration.

Retention Challenges

Members of Gen Z highly prioritize mobility within the workforce: They want to make an impact quickly or move on. That, in turn, means a focus on retention will become more and more important for organizations if they wish to keep their best employees. Again, technology can be of aid: Tools such as HCM Fusion reports can provide data to managers and HR professionals about the steps they need to take to foster continued employee engagement and satisfaction.


Support for the individuality of Gen Z members will go hand-in-hand with other retention efforts. Taylor predicts that like previous generations, Gen Z is full of aspiring workers who simply desire the support they need to help their organizations thrive. Companies can give them a leg up by implementing features like those found in the business intelligence (BI) support line of products from Oracle. The BI tools empower employees to make decisions by providing through but digestible information. Gen Z employees with that in their arsenal will feel more nimble and less stifled.

Oracle HCM Reports Can Facilitate an Evolving Workforce

In the modern world, technology is no longer an option but a necessity for HR executives. With new technologies coming up constantly, the HR department needs to be extremely agile. To learn more, get in touch with the BI support team at DataTerrain today by contacting us here.