Utilizing BI Tools To Increase Productivity

The workplace structure is a constantly evolving and changing landscape. To stay on top of HR duties, new tech is being developed and tested every day. The common structure is often being tested, and data on productivity can provide powerful insight as well as improve your business dramatically. 


Without recruiting, companies can become stale and understaffed. Additionally, poor recruiting can lead to turnover, which leads to time wasted on training new employees. Therefore, it’s important to go about recruiting the right way. Doing so saves time and money while reducing turnover. 

HCM Cloud reports can ease the recruiting process by facilitating recruitment marketing, boosting the efficiency of the hiring process, and highlighting internal candidates so that companies don’t miss out on promoting talent they already have in the fold. 

Process Automation

The HCM suite can also automate many processes, saving employees time from the top of the organization down. HCM Fusion reports reduce the time HR professionals and others need to spend compiling and analyzing data.

Work-Life Balance

HCM software can help managers and employees alike maintain work-life balance. It provides employees access to information on time-off and other benefits. Research has shown work-life balance boosts both retention rates and productivity. HCM tools can prevent employees from becoming burned out, jaded, and disengaged.

Nudges to Stay Up to Speed

In today’s fast-paced work environment, it can be hard to keep track of the career paths of every employee. However, nudges are one way that technology can help. BI support can provide managers with automated notifications that an employee’s performance calls for a review and/or feedback.

That way, managers and other upper-level employees can inform and help high performers when it comes to opportunities for advancement and as a key tactic for keeping top employees on board. Nudges can also be a reminder than an employee is due for a salary increase—another way to increase job satisfaction and therefore productivity.

Oracle and BI Report Support At Your Fingertips with DataTerrain

Oracle HCM Cloud provides you with a comprehensive set of human management solutions that will fulfill all your business needs. If you are looking to help your business grow by implementing these strategies, contact DataTerrain today to see what we can do for your organization.