Use Advanced BI Tools to Futureproof Your Organization

The pace of business is increasing, and so is the rate at which organizations face new changes. Predicting when those changes will come is important, but so is making sure that employees and decision-makers can do so as efficiently as possible, allowing them to respond in an agile manner. That’s where cutting-edge tools like Oracle’s HCM Cloud, an all-in-one HR process solution come in.

Refined Hire and Retention Processes

One of the biggest changes businesses face this year and in the near future may be employee turnover. Turnover is costly and time-consuming, as finding and training new employees takes time, especially for specialized positions, with productivity suffering in the interim. To get ahead of turnover, HR professionals and business leaders can tap into the insights available from HCM Fusion reports, which can identify high performers as well as struggling employees. Businesses can reward work with current employees to improve their performance or find a better fit within the organization, reducing the likelihood of leaving.

Support for Remote Workers

A major reason behind the aforementioned turnover problem is that employees feel unsure about remote work. Some employees doubt that their managers have fully embraced a remote model. Unified, cloud-based workplace apps are one way to show employees that businesses are serious about making remote work a success. These are a powerful way to keep everyone on the same page.

AI-Driven Successes

So far two challenges are already apparent; employee turnover and making remote work productive. But there are countless other challenges that we can’t predict today and will face in the future. Decision-makers won’t be able to respond at their best if they’re bogged down in day-to-day tasks and inefficient data-gathering.

HR departments should consider enlisting the predictive power of AI-based processes. AI can help in talent acquisition and development, while digital assistants can free up executives and employees alike to spend more time excelling in the present while preparing for the future.

Discover The Power of Oracle BIACM

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