Amazon Quicksight

Amazon QuickSight allows users to restrict access to the dataset by configuring row-level security on it. This action can be performed either before or after the dataset is being shared.

● The permissions dataset cannot contain Duplicate values and it will be ignored when evaluating how to apply rules.
● If you add a rule for a user or a group and leave all other columns with NULL value you grant them access to all the data.
● If there is no rule being added then the user or group cannot see any of the data.
● If you deny access then every user or group can see only the rows that don’t match the field values in the dataset rules.
● If the data has been restricted they are marked with the word “Restricted” in the datasets screen.
● Row Level Security only works for the fields such as string, char, varchar and so on. It doesn’t work for dates or numeric fields.

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