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Over the last decade, HR departments have adapted technology to ensure compliance, rationalize operations, and enhance decision-making based on real-time data. On the other hand, software developers have increased their innovation pace as well as the complexity of the solutions they offer. The challenge before HR departments today is to ensure that the technology in place meets the company’s increasing demands while using minimal resources. This post discusses 3 metrics that will help evaluate your HR technology.

1. Purpose

Today, technology plays a critical role in daily human resource operations, from promoting collaboration to managing attendance. This makes the entire department more robust. To determine whether the implemented technology is effective, you must establish whether it meets the purpose for which it was implemented. For example, if your objective was to decentralize your HR model to cater to remote employees, you will need to ask whether your HCM cloud solution caters to this need. If it does not, it’s time to look for one that does. 

2. Can you leverage your HR program?

A good HR technology solution should:

  • Simplify administration processes in the HR department
  • Organize employee information in a central location
  • Streamline employee feedback through tools such as BI report support employee development

These and so much more can only be achieved through HR technology that has multiple facets. Ask your vendor to explain how you can exploit your HR technology’s full potential. The vendor should also be available to troubleshoot and fix any problems you might encounter. 

3. The overall impact of its use to the organization

There should be an overall improvement in your organization’s performance. This is because the technology relieves the HR executives of mundane tasks, thus giving them time to become constructive contributors to the organization’s growth. Also, employee data is collected in real-time through tools such as Oracle Fusion HCM. This enables executives to make objective and realistic decisions. Ease of interaction ensures that pertinent data is available to employees at all times, thus enhancing independence and reducing bureaucracy. If your HR technology shows no positive impact on the overall performance of your organization, you probably have a wrong one. 

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Although it’s tempting to settle for the least expensive or the best-rated HR technology solution, you must research on what tool best suits your needs. Think ahead and settle for an HR technology that carries the organization into the future. For more information about how Advanced Business Intelligence software can improve your organization, contact DataTerrain online today via our online contact form here.