Amazon Quicksight

Amazon Quicksight differentiates from other BI tools with the following unique features:

● AutoGraph – Visuals can be created in many different ways but if you choose the “AutoGraph” icon and select the necessary fields then Amazon QuickSight will determine the appropriate visual type in which the selected fields will be populated. This feature is very helpful when you don’t know what type of visualization is required for your report.

● SPICE – SPICE engine is an in-memory optimized engine for fast and ad hoc data visualization. It stores your data in a system architected for high availability till you choose to delete it. The performance of the database can be improved a lot by importing the data’s into this particular engine.

● ML Insights – Amazon QuickSight uses machine learning technology to continuously analyze all your data, detect anomalies, and send proactive email alerts. No need of manual analysis, custom development or Machine Learning Domain expertise is required. It automatically summaries into a plain language and embeds them into QuickSight dashboards which create shared understanding of the data within the organization and helps you make decision faster.

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