Informatica ETL

Informatica tracing levels can be configured at the transformation session levels and has 4 different types of tracing levels.

  • None – This level is applicable at session level only and the integration service uses the tracing levels configured in the mapping
  • Terse – Log initialization information, error messages and notification of rejected data in the session log file.
  • Normal – Integration service logs initialization and status information, errors encountered and skipped rows due to transformation row errors. Summarizes session results but not at the level of individual rows.
  • Verbose Initialization – In addition to normal tracing the integration service logs additional initialization details; names of index and data files used and detailed transformation statistics.
  • Verbose Data – The Informatica Integration Service logs each row that passes into mapping. When you configure the tracing level to verbose data, the Integration Service writes row data for all rows in a block when it processes a transformation.

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