Jaspersoft TIBCO

The Digital shift has seen Business Intelligence, reporting, and analytics solutions taking the front stage in boardroom mandates.

From Top floor to Shop floor, TIBCO Jaspersoft has been leading the shift in industry focus from reporting and analytics towards transactional analytics in enterprise applications while enabling decision support through automation. For delivering large-scale business transformation through a flexible, embedded solution, TIBCO Jaspersoft is the platform of choice for software builders across the globe.

Based on their experience working with some of the largest enterprises across industry verticals, DataTerrain experts note that the business and customer needs are unique to each. When customers and businesses want answers specific to their context, TIBCO Jaspersoft lets them have a reporting and analytics infrastructure that they can customize as their own. It provides a flexible, customizable, and developer-friendly platform to easily design, embed, deploy, and manage reporting and analytics with programmatic controls.

DataTerrain SMEs(Subject Matter Experts) have noted the following as major benefits of TIBCO Jaspersoft as seen by the developers, user community, and leadership of major organizations –
● Embedding is in-built – TIBCO Jaspersoft uses its award-winning Javascript framework to take an API-first approach. It gives developers a direct line to all its functionality and simplifies backend and frontend integration. Its powerful backend services via REST provide out-of-the-box support for single sign-on, data access, multi-tenancy, and more.
● Highly flexible – TIBCO Jaspersoft is built on an open-source foundation that allows it seamlessly embed into and work with any data and architecture. Administrators find it equally easy to deploy TIBCO Jaspersoft in any topology – on-prem, cloud, or hybrid. It also fits easily in microservices-based and containerized architectures. Hyper-customized features required for an organization or a subset of users can be conveniently created by customizing the Jaspersoft source code.
● Feature-rich Design – TIBCO Jaspersoft is designed to thrive in this era of hyper-personalization (for that perfect user experience) and consumerization of technology. It provides a pixel-perfect design environment to develop visualizations and reports to meet exacting specifications. TIBCO Jaspersoft lets developers deliver the best of both form and function.
● Self-service simplified – TIBCO Jaspersoft provides a simple drag-and-drop report builder to provide a robust self-service reporting environment for users. Developers can then create easily-understandable metadata labels for the data and empower their co-workers and customers to create their own reports and dashboards.
● Made for developers – TIBCO Jaspersoft judiciously balances functionality and control simplifying the job of the developers with its out-of-the-box support for multi-tenancy, flexible APIs, and a large community contributing to an ever-growing knowledge base.

DataTerrain – a trusted partner for TIBCO Jaspersoft services
DataTerrain is a TIBCO partner and works with some of the largest global enterprises to deliver Jaspersoft-based reporting solutions aligned with their long-term goals. DataTerrain has partnered with numerous customers to help them derive exceptional value from their Jaspersoft investments through powerful, practical, and novel applications.

Some of the major benefits delivered to customers by DataTerrain include –
● Seamlessly integrating with 3rd party applications and embedding reports accessing data from multiple sources
● Pluggable custom visualization and Enhanced data virtualization
● Multi-dimensional analytics enabled by enhanced performance with in-memory analysis
● The extensive rollout of Jaspersoft drag-and-drop report designer to enhance user self-service

The following is the profile of some global organizations that leveraged DataTerrain for their TIBCO Jaspersoft initiatives –
● A Global gift cards and stored value services provider with a presence in 50 countries
● An American private jet operator operating over 750 aircraft
● A US-based technology services provider that provides software solutions to Fortune 500 companies
● The world’s largest direct-selling company with a footprint in over 100 countries
● A leading 150+ years old Canadian University