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Oracle Human Capital Management

HR is more often than not the department that suffers most when it comes to getting funds. This has worked against it-system-wise-rendering it the poor relation and often leading to complex, heavily-adapted legacy systems functioning on outdated technology and with massive data volumes safeguarded in uncontrollable silos.

Nonetheless, change is happening and it’s spearheaded by the need to find and target the right talent with the help of BI tools. Surprisingly this necessity, to find the best individuals for the task, provide a balanced compensation package, as well as retain skillful workers, is not a new phenomenon.

What’s new is global recognition which insights on labor force trends. Factors that influence performance and aid HR to obtain, optimize and grow talent, together with delivery of business intelligence report migration, offering such insights.

How modern companies can keep up in a global market:

To keep up with the current global demands, modern companies need to invest in cloud solutions. Why? Cloud solutions provide universal access to data and files to firms as well as enhance their storage structures, boost business agility, improve solution distribution, lessen IT complexity, and also lower costs.

With cloud computing, firms now have an economic path for HR departments to not only safeguard but also organize and smartly apply data. Moreover, it affords solutions which provide personalized, modern applications, ease of use, rich functionality, and accessibility through numerous networks. SaaS-based applications offer firms the ability to expand and scale up as they develop as they are simpler and faster.

Cloud-based next-generation HR systems provide out of the box solutions to analytics permitting firms to obtain insight on virtually any talent-allied matter. For example, targeting the correct personnel for development and promotion, identifying skill gaps, discovering future leaders among many others.

Succeeding in either of these aspects can significantly work well for business especially in its quest to move forward, not to mention boosting profitability.

Best HCM tools for this:

For an organization to freely explore data in this manner, they must have an elastic infrastructure, integrated systems, as well as simple application management. Also, it needs the capacity to visually present results, gathers information from external sources, and share information with other stakeholders. Oracle HR-based Analytics Cloud provides a visual analytics solution which besides blending data from talent systems and HCM fusion reports, offers a single, global employee data source.

Additionally, this integrated platform offers firms the flexibility they need to entirely run HR in the cloud or subsequently combine cloud-based talent and recruiting information with (on-premises) HR data. If a firm wants to blend varying data sets and transform it into dominant insights easily, they only need to connect to Oracle SaaS applications.

DataTerrain HCM With Oracle

Oracle Analytics then projects, displays, and subsequently deploys it to any device to share powerful, live insights without needing to learn complex tools or bank on specified resources. If you are interested in learning more, contact us via our online contact form, and let us help you turn your company into a powerhouse using DataTerrain Automation.